Are You a Compassionate People-Person Who Enjoys Making Friends and Contributing to Others? 

We know some great people with developmental or physical disabilities who are looking to hire a part-time person to help them participate more in the community.

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You would be supporting someone like Bryce:

“My support person and I get together every week for coffee and we have good conversations. My support person helps me out with budgeting, goals I want to achieve, and working through my stress and anxiety. I’m thankful that I have a support person and I feel I have come so far by having a support person.” 

Bryce, 22

Or Hunter:

“I like playing laser tag and mini sticks. With my EAF support person, we do things like math with blocks and telling time on the iPad. She helped me learn to tie my shoes and right now we are memorizing my phone number. We do fun things too, like rock climbing. Spending time with my support person is important to me because we have fun and I learn things too.”

 - Hunter, 13

Come Alongside Great People Who Need A Little Help To:


·      Explore their gifts and talents

·      Work towards what they want to achieve in their lives

·      Participate and contribute in community activities

·      Overcome physical and mental barriers so they can experience more with increased dignity

Our job at Extend-A-Family is to find, hire, match, train and support people in fulfilling these needs. It is a job we are passionate about.

And The Benefits Are Great


Beyond being fun and making a big difference in people’s lives there are some unique benefits to being a support person:

While experience as a Personal Support Worker or Developmental Service Worker is certainly an asset, the only real requirement is a great attitude - we will provide the training you need.

The Job Requirement Is Being Good Support


“I love what I do with EAF. 'Trevor' and I have grown together and formed a really meaningful friendship. He is always laughing and enjoying life. What's so great about being with 'Trevor' is that he’s always willing to try new things and it’s amazing how open he is to doing this. Never underestimate 'Trevor'; he will continue to surprise you every day with what he can do! It has been a very meaningful experience.” 

- Chris

Are You A Good Fit?



Secondary school diploma OR some secondary school with related experience.



At least 18 years of age.



Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.



Meet the physical needs of the individual, such as lifting and moving.



Must see people as people first, be reliable, punctual and committed.



A police check will be required prior to hiring.



Relationship building is foundational to the work.

You will benefit as much from the relationship as will the person you support.

Money & Hours


A single contract can be anywhere from 2 to 10 hours per week with an opportunity to take on multiple contracts and increase your hours. 

While there is flexibility to fit around your schedule, most of the opportunities currently available require evening and/or weekend work.

The pay rate is $13.36/hr (plus yearly pay equity of $1 per hr worked). Expenses such as car mileage are covered.

Roles Available


Your Responsibilities


As a personal support person you have two primary responsibilities:

Provide Support to the Person and Family

Build a relationship with the person being supported and create opportunities to help them in achieving the defined goals. Be open, respectful and honest with the person being supported, their family and your EAFWR support team.

Provide Support to EAFWR Administration

Participate in training and staff development, adhere to relevant guidelines and operate respectfully, inclusively and in a person-centered way consistent with EAFWR values.

It's Nice To Have Someone I Trust


“I have a paid job at Burger King and I volunteer at the YMCA.  I am very active in Special Olympics and Sports for Special Athletes. When I go out with my support person, we sometimes play mini golf, go bowling, attend ‘People Helping People’ meetings, or go to Chapters and Starbucks for coffee.  We often enjoy going to the movies, hockey games and the museum together. It’s nice to have someone who I trust and can talk to about the things that are happening in my life, and I like going out with my support person instead of my mom! I really enjoy his company. He’s fun!”

- Alex, 28

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About Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region


Established in 1981, Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region has helped well over 3400 individuals find jobs, move into apartments, play music, tie their laces, learn their phone number, manage a budget, drink coffee, ride a horse, play hockey, watch movies, and generally enjoy all of the experiences that most of us take for granted.

We believe in an inclusive community where everyone is appreciated and respected for who they are and contributes in their own way. As such we want our support person(s) to value the experiences they have with the people they support as much as much as the people we support value them.

If this sounds like something that interests you, we want to hear from you.

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You would be supporting someone in preparing for their day, strengthening their dignity, and experiencing the fulfillment of belonging to and contributing to the community.

As a contract support person your role is to establish a mutually respectful, reciprocal relationship with the people we support.  Guided by compassion, commitment and a responsible  attitude, you’ll readily display these values and ideals in your relationship with the person being supported and in your representation of EAFWR as an organization.

Supporting Children through Special Services at Home (SSAH)

A goal oriented, individualized program that supports children with a developmental and/or physical disability, sometimes including medically complex needs.

Supporting Adults through PASSPORT

A goal oriented, community based, individualized program that supports adults with a developmental disability.

The positions are part-time and somewhat flexible so that you can organize your schedule.

You’ll actually get paid to spend time with great people.

We go to great lengths to match you with someone you connect well with and who has similar interests to you.

The skills you’ll learn are highly valued by employers and will look great on your resume.

You will find your life being enhanced through the people you meet.

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519-741-0190 ext. 238

·  Explore their gifts and talents

·  Work towards what they want to achieve in their lives

·  Participate and contribute in community activities

·  Overcome physical and mental barriers so they can experience more with increased dignity

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